Kinder Cafe – Castle Hill

Kinder Cafe revolutionises the cafe culture with kids.

Kinder Cafe was created by Kristen and Bowie who meet on their very first day of High School and have been best friends ever since.

After becoming Mums they found it a struggle to catch up and chat like they used to. Play centres just didn’t match up, they couldn’t sit down and be together and chat like the old days.

Putting their little ones into a class and attempting to sit and chat still didn’t tick the boxes. They found they had to be apart of the interaction with not very many comfortable places to relax in that time they had together. They needed to find a balance. This got the team of two brainstorming about how much could be performed in that hour.  What about an hour of uninterrupted work were Mum can feel comfortable and have space to get those important matters done, make that phone call with no kids around. Or even have that Manicure or Pedicure you have been putting off due to no time to yourself.  All in the one venue. This is were the light bulb moment was and the best friends decided to create a place Mums can have it all. With a lot of prep and hard work, Kinder Cafe was born.

The vision expands to have an awesome variety of classes with two different age groups running at one time. The booking process to be easy and accessible via online so you can organise your day in advance. While your little one is being looked after and entertained you can can take advantage of all the wonderful options available to you as a Mum at Kinder Cafe.

The Cafe itself has a wide variety of meals for both the adults and Children. One of the options we loved was the share plate of Cheese, Meats, Dips, Bread and Crackers. This was a big hit with me and my Friend.

You can enjoy your meal while the kids attend a class or play in the cubby house. Classes are run by professional instructors, ensuring a quality learning experience at the same time as lots of fun. Or use the time to catch up on some work, uninterrupted!

It is SO unique and exciting to find all these facilities in the one place. As a work from home mum it’s an invaluable resource to have at my fingertips and I plan visiting often with my son.

Located in Castle Hill, Kinder Cafe is a fantastic Child Friendly destination for busy families in the Hills District of Sydney.

Watch this space as Kristen and Bowie have plans to grow this concept across Sydney and are determinded to make it happen.

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