10 Lovely Ways To Bond With Your Kids This Christmas

As parents, you spend so much time worrying about organising the perfect Christmas get together, shopping around for gifts, and even try to find some room to cook a few homemade traditional dishes.

So how about taking a breather this year, and give each other the best gift ever by bonding with your children and your family through these some fun activities and ideas?

After all, it’s not what’s under the tree that matters, but who’s gathered around it!

Even just one of these suggestions can make childhood memories. Children do not need lots of money spent on them to feel loved and happy.

1. Create Handmade Gifts This Season

Instead of buying gifts at the store, sit down with your kids and come up with a few good gift ideas that you can make together.

Colourful paper bookmarks, bath salts, bath bombs, and even some edible gifts like Gingerbread men or Marshmallow Snowmen, would make the perfect, most scrumptious gifts ever, and they’re actually useful!

Kids making christmas or seasonal greeting cards

2. Go On An Impromptu Full Day Christmas Adventure

You don’t have to be the Griswolds to go on a mega fun Christmas vacation! Your little gettaway doesn’t have to be anything too crazy either. In fact, make it a surprise destination and take off to a park, a fun park, or natural reserve and go hiking or camping together as a family.

Make it a nice surprise and don’t tell the children where you’re going. You could offer clues while you’re all in the card, and let them guess. It’ll make it that much fun!

3. Cook A Holiday Meal

Cooking a few meals together on Christmas will bond you and the kids in ways you never thought possible.

The can help you make the, or prepare the roast chicken, ham and turkey. If you put your heads together, you can even come up with a Christmas cake, or some Gingerbread bites that will positively delight the entire family.

Let them brainstorm some ideas too, and pick the most unusual recipe they came up with, and start your own tradition this year!

Close up little hands decorating the gingerbread cookies

4. Have A Fun Pre-Christmas Party

Invite their cousins and their closest friends and let them choose the menu. Then get together around the Christmas tree, or out inthe backyard and tell the children some stories about your childhood or something funny that happened to a family member or another friend.

Let them get to know their extended family more intimately through these hilarious accounts that will make them look at adults in a whole new light.

5. Play The Story Game

Since you can’t open your presents until Midnight, you might as well pass the time productively by creating a collective Christmas story.

Have one person start telling a story, and then after a minute, allow someone else to take over. Let the chain continue until the story becomes a hilariously bizarre train wreck.

6. Cook Your Favourite Family Dish

Remember that childhood dish your mother used to always make for the holidays? Now it’s your turn to continue the legacy. So as your kids help you to make this traditional dish, explain to them why it’s so important and how the tradition got started.

7. Create Wish Cards

Make a set of these with a list that starts with “I hope you learn…, I hope you aren’t afraid…, I hope you love…,” etc.

Then make sure there’s a blank space for each family member to write what they wish or hope for a family member and then sign it at the bottom.

A really nice way to show each other how much you care and what you hope for them.

8. Dress Up For Christmas

We’re not just talking about those silly Christmas sweaters. You should go all out.

Have dad dress up as Santa, mom can dress up as Mrs. Claus, and the kids can dress up as the elves, or even a snowman. Then take a couple of family photos to cherish forever.

9. Create an Advent Calendar

Make little paper doors that open to reveal a photo of the family, or get more creative and make one out of wood so you can put something special like chocolate in the slot designated for each day leading towards Christmas. Let your imagination decide.

10. Have A Family Date Night

Cook a festive meal. It doesn’t have to be turkey or ham. Pizza works damn fine!

Then make some pumpkin spiced smoothies, some gingerbread cookies, and then sink everyone’s feet in peppermint and water while watching their favourite movie. It’s like bringing the spa home!

If some of the children aren’t into some of the activities, then select a list of potential things you can do together.

While the girls might be painting their nails, ask the boys if they want give hand massages while watching TV in the couch. It’s a lovely experience, you just have to find a few activities everyone loves doing.


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